Website Credits

The GNSI Web Committee – responsible for designing the user experience, user interface, and base content of this website – was led by Diana Marques and composed by Daisy Chung, Linda Feltner, Ikumi Kayama, and Deborah Shaw.

Main menu articles were written by Emily Underwood, Hannah Lawrenz, and David Maas.
All artwork was created by GNSI members.

Homepage artwork:

foreground banner - Rumphius Slitshell, by Yun-Kae Kiang
background banner - Amegilla cingulata on Lavandula angustifolia Leaf, by Danielle Edwards
"connect" image - Know your Toilets: Field Guide to Mountain Treeshrew's Toilets, by Chen Zha
"experience" image - Attwater's Prairie Chicken, by Linda Feltner
"donate" image - Bottom-dwelling Fishes with Specialized Fins, by Yun-Kae Kiang

This website is the third iteration of the online presence of GNSI. It builds on content curated from the previous website that was written and managed by Britt Griswold.