JNSI Introducing Focus Issues In 2020

Greetings, GNSI!

The editorial staff of the GNSI Journal is introducing an editorial calendar that includes Focus Issues. It is
hoped that by sharing this calendar with our members, we can encourage those who have an interest in
the topics of the Focus Issues to submit articles for consideration.

If you have an area of specialty, this is an opportunity to have your work published in an issue that contains work by others in your area.

We will still consider articles that are not on the focus topics for each issue, so if you have an article idea
that does not fit the schedule, please feel free to submit it as usual (details below).

For 2020

2020-1: This issue is not a Focus issue (approved articles due 20 January)
2020-2: Botanical Focus (approved articles due 27 April)
2020-3: Working Collaboratively Focus (approved articles due 21 September)

For 2021 and 2022

2021: Birds, Entomology/Invertebrates, Earth Science/Paleontology
2022: Astronomy, Marine, Medical/Human

 The Working Collaboratively issue will highlight illustrators working collaboratively with scientists to produce artwork that enhances scientific research or promotes understanding. It can also include ways members work together with scientists to secure funding for a project.

If you would like to submit an article, please send your abstracts to [email protected].
Our Author Guidelines are available on the GNSI website.

Thank you! Our Journal is only possible because of our members’ willingness to share their work with