Journal of Natural Science Illustration / Volume 54 No. 2

JNSI Cover 2_2022Journal of Natural Science Illustration Volume 54, No. 2: Abstracts

Welcome to the second Journal edition of 2022!
To inspire you, we offer you excellent and innovative stories in this issue, ranging from affordable 2D and 3D renderers, an overview of the 2022 Visual SciComm Conference, a decal project at Cayuga Lake, selected artworks from the graduating class of CSUMB program, and watercolor paper tests by Kathryn Killackey. Thank you to all of our contributors!

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Rippped From The List: Affordable 2d and 3d Molecule Renderers
– Catherine Wilson, Gloria Fuentes, and Jeremy Swan

Looking to explore the world of molecular modeling? Review a list of online molecular modeling
resources you can try out!

< 3D Molecular image from MolView 

Conference logo, © 2021 Erin HunterVisual Scicomm Conference 2022

An overview of the speakers, programs and workshops offered in this year’s GNSI annual meeting. The Conference is online for the third time, with participants and presented from around the world!

< Conference logo, © 2021 Erin Hunter

Cayuga Lake Biota, © 2021 (2) greater scaup by Lucy Gagliardo; (3) crayfish by Carla Elizabeth; (8) elodea by Gretchen HalpertCayuga Lake: Floating Classroom Decal Project
– Elizabeth Morales, Mrla Coppolino, Carla DeMello, Lucy Gagliardo, and Annie Zygarowicz

The GNSI Finger Lakes chapter partnered with a local floating non-profit classroom to bring scientifically accurate images of the plants and animals of the Cayuga Lake region to the general public.

< Cayuga Lake Biota, © 2021 (2) greater scaup by Lucy Gagliardo; (3) crayfish by Carla Elizabeth; (8) elodea by Gretchen Halpert

Barn Owl, © 2022 Brittany Costan Illustrating Nature: CSUMB Science Illustration Graduate Program Class of 2022

Beautiful images from the annual exhibit showcasing program work by the graduating students of the California State University Monterey Bay’s Science Illustration Certificate Program.

 < Barn Owl, © 2022 Brittany Costan 

Watercolor Test Papers, © 2022 Kathryn Killackey  Searching for My Perfect Match: Arches, Fabriano Artistico, Fluid 100, Saunders Waterford, Stonehenge Aqua, and Lanaquarelle
– Kathryn Killackey

Kathryn Killackey tests several popular watercolor papers for qualities of texture and
appearance, dry brush and wash results, color vibrancy, glazing, color lifting, and erasing
graphite lines.

< Watercolor Test Papers, © 2022 Kathryn Killackey

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