Product Review: Handy iPad Holder

In the course of renovating my studio space, I opted to recycle my old cumbersome morgue files, as I now use the internet regularly for reference photos. Using the iPad is great, but I had no good place to set it to refer to while I work at my drawing table. Putting it on the edge of the drawing table isn't very secure (I've knocked it down several times), it's in the way, and the angle isn't very good. I have a smallish taboret of sorts next to the drawing table that is loaded up with the essentials, no room to prop up an iPad there either.

iPad holderSo I hunted on the internet for a tiny table to wedge in next to the taboret, with no luck (too big, too expensive, or all of the above). Then I came across a flexible, adaptable clamp-on iPad holder that has turned out to be the perfect solution for me.

I found this on Amazon, for about $40: ChargerCity 7-8-9-10-Inch Tablet Aluminum Bed Frame Clamp Lock Mount and 22-Inch Easy-Adjustable Gooseneck Arm by ChargerCity-Office Products. It's designed to clamp onto your bed frame so you can read in bed without having to hold the tablet, but it clamps anywhere. The long gooseneck is flexible, but not floppy; adjusting it is a real struggle, a veritable wrestling match. But once set to the right configuration it stays that way, no sagging or flopping. The little corner clamps are adjustable to fit several types and sizes of tablet, as the title implies, and the tablet itself can be tilted by wrestling with the gooseneck. 

I'm extremely happy with this setup. I can keep the tablet plugged in, and have ready access to photos and other reference materials while I work, with no danger of knocking it to the floor or spilling paint or coffee onto the screen. 

There are several brand and types of these holders available; Google "iPad holders" to find selections. This one seemed to suit my needs, and I am happy with it.

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