Product Review: Faber-Castell colorful kneaded erasers

Faber Castell colored kneaded erasersI first saw these kneaded erasers a little over a year ago and ordered some from Cheap Joe's. I use kneaded erasers all the time so I wanted to test if these were - aside from their color - any different from the gray ones I've always purchased. They came as a set of three, one each of blue, red, and yellow. The Cheap Joe's website description said that the erasers will not leave a color stain on the drawing surface, and I have found that to be true. As one might expect, the bright colors do not last long; they quickly become mixed with whatever one is erasing. My latest order arrived with each of the three erasers in its own plastic box, which seems to me like excessive and wasteful packaging. My first order didn't have the boxes.

Major Disadvantages:
The Faber Castell erasers do not last as long as the traditional gray kneaded erasers. They become sticky after awhile. I went through all three in about a year. They are softer than gray kneaded erasers so they do not erase stronger marks as readily as the gray erasers.

Major Advantages:
Because the colorful kneaded erasers are softer, they are much easier on one's wrist! A well-used colored eraser appears to be just as soft as a new one, unlike the gray kneaded erasers which become stiffer over time. (Or, it's possible that I just haven't kept a colored eraser around long enough for it to become stiff since I discard them once they become sticky).

I like to draw on tracing paper partly because of the relative ease of erasing marks from it (and let's face it, I erase a lot!). I have found that my constant kneading of the traditional gray kneaded erasers is hard on my wrist and forearm. These Faber Castell color kneaded erasers work just fine on tracing paper, so the advantage of being soft and easy-to-knead far outweighs the disadvantage of a shorter lifespan - at least for me. For the sake of my wrists, I'm definitely going to keep using these colored erasers.

Emily S. Damstra
Waterloo, Ontario

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