GNSI Symposia Series

The GNSI Symposia Series is a collection of online lectures open to members only, free of charge. Covering a wide array of topics relevant to the field of visual science communication, the presentations address the most cutting edge issues faced by science communicators and illustrators today. Join us every few months as we engage a guest speaker in conversation and analysis.

2021 Events

An Illustrator’s Guide to the World of Grants

Mar. 5th  10am PST | 11am MST | 12pm CST | 1PM EST

Grant writing may seem outside the realm of your typical independent illustrator. But with guidance from GNSI member Amanda DeGrace, it might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to jumpstart that creative project you’ve always wanted to tackle. DeGrace draws on her considerable experience securing grants to revitalize the downtown of her native New Bedford, MA, to offer us insight into where to look, how to present your mission, and consider partnerships that may ultimately land you your dream project. Members only; Registration required.

Amanda DeGraceAmanda DeGrace is an urban planner based in Providence, RI and has served over 15 years in the non-profit and public sector. With a deep faith in community investment, she loves to make the case for long-term funding and sustainable partnerships. She has successfully fundraised for a range of campaigns in her native New Bedford, MA including arts programs, social services and the restoration of historic landmarks that were rescued to become housing and community venues. By night, she earned her M.S. in Urban Planning & Community Development from UMASS Boston. As a new member of GNSI, she attends classes at RISD CE toward a Certificate in Natural Science Illustration with an interest in infographics that will highlight grassroots-led initiatives.

LinkedIn: acdegrace
Twitter: @AmapolaOpera


 Suggest a Topic or Speaker

We work hard to anticipate the topics and information our members will find most useful, but the most direct way for us to do so is to solicit your advice! So if you have an idea for a speaker or topic you’d like to see as a GNSI Symposium, please reach out and let us know. We’ll do our best to work it into the lineup.