GNSI Awards & Recognition

GNSI has three awards with which it can recognize the dedication and long-time efforts of its members.

Established in 1994, this award is given to long-term dedicated workers, those who have put in countless hours and have usually served both on the Board and have coordinated conferences or portions of conferences. The award is given after several years of ongoing service on the part of the member.

  • 2019 - Ikumi Kayama
  • 2017 - Amelia Janes
  • 2012 - Sara Taliaferro 
  • 2011 - Marlene Hill Donnelly  
  • 2009 - Gail Guth
  • 2007 - Julie Kulak  
  • 2006 - Gretchen Halpert  
  • 2005 - Karen Ackoff  
  • 2004 - Marj Leggitt  
  • 2003 - Dick Rauh  
  • 2001 - Mary Jane Spring Brush  
  • 2000 - Virge Kask  
  • 1999 - Alice Tangerini  
  • 1998 - Kris Kirkeby  
  • 1997 - Trudy Nicholson  
  • 1995 - Elaine Hodges  
  • 1994 - Britt Griswold  

Also established in 1994, this award is given for (unpaid or grossly underpaid) major projects, such as the Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration, Science Insights, the GNSI website, or a comprehensive membership survey used in strategic planning. The handful of recipients for this prestigious award showed innovation, creativity, a driven determination to pursue into being some project that was instrumental in furthering the GNSI mission or key to education on and outreach for natural science illustration as a field, avocation, and passion.

Created in 2008, this flexible award was developed for long-term dedication to the Guild through efforts of volunteerism, service, teaching, mentoring, or other ongoing and substantial support of the organization. Special Service Award recipients are longtime members or associates who, although they may not have held a leadership role such as board service or deep conference planning involvement, have nevertheless been an integral and important member of this professional community.


  • 1996 - Thomas M. Evens, Elsie Froeschner, *Carolyn Bartlett Gast, *Molly Dwyer Griffin, *Nancy Halliday, *Elaine R. S. Hodges, Jane Hurd, *Larry Isham, Marsha E. Jessup, George R. Louis, *Lily Manning, * Naida Page, Jack Schroeder, Thelma Ford Smith, Helle Starke, *Peter Stone.

*present at the ceremony