Core Conference:

  • SESSION 1: Science Storytelling Projects - 1.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 2: Illustration Techniques - 1.67 hr Art
  • SESSION 4: Accessible and Inclusive SciComm Panel Discussion - 1.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 5: Off the Charts: How a personal project fueled my knowledge for Data Visualization - 0.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 5: Portrait of a Denisovan girl- reconstructing anatomy without a skeleton - 0.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 6: Visualization Techniques - 0.83 hr Art
  • SESSION 7: How to prepare 3D models for 3D printing - 0.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 7: Introducing Tradigital Illustration - 0.5 hr Art
  • SESSION 8: Business Lessons from Nature - 0.67 hr Business
  • SESSION 8: The Value of Copyright for Natural Science Illustrators - 0.67 hr Business
  • SESSION 8: Illustrating for Children's Education Publishing Market - 0.67 hr Business



  • Introduction to Blender (workshop) - 5 hr Art
  • Representing Underwater Worlds (workshop) - 8 hr Art
  • Intro to Motion Design (workshop) - 2 hr Art
  • An Introduction to Tradigital Illustration (workshop) - 6 hr Art
  • Art in the Museum: Historical Practices and Looking to the Future (workshop) - 2 hr Business
  • Is Your DNA Left-Handed? The RCSB as a Resource for Molecular Illustration (workshop) - 2 hr Art
  • Utilizing CT Data for Illustration Reference (workshop) - 4 hr Art
  •  Moist Brush Technique (workshop) - 4 hr Art
  • How to Get the Most Out of the Render Possibilities in Zbrush (workshop) - 2 hr Art
  • To Market! The Small Business Studio’s Tool Box (workshop) - 4 hr Business
  • Bird Anatomy and Form (workshop) - 3 hr Biomed + 3 hr Art

Download PDF list of CEUs

To claim Continuing Education credit towards your CMI renewal:

Here is a FAQ document with screenshots that may help you navigate the following instructions.

#1, Fill out a Course Feedback form within 30 days of completing the activity. Take a screenshot or save the emailed confirmation for the next step.

#2, Submit the hours through the "Education Opportunities" list: Log into the CE platform using the same email and password as your AMI Hub account. Click "my Dashboard" > "Certified Medical Illustrator Renewal" > "Continuing Education". Scroll down within the frame to see the Art, Biomed, and Business categories. Select one to see the Education Opportunities within that category. Note that within Certemy, History activities may be found in the Business list. Search or browse to find the activity and click the "Submit hours" button below the title of the activity. You will be prompted to upload a file; put your screenshot of the course feedback form there.

Your hours will appear as "pending" in your record until they are verified by AMI HQ. Staff will verify it is an approved course and that you did a course feedback form within 30 days. For questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected].