GNSI 2021 Visual Science Communication Conference Swag features the beautiful illustration and logo design by GNSI member, Fiona Martin! "This 5-part logo represents some of the many ways science illustrators and visual communicators are assisting scientific research, addressing global challenges, improving scientific literacy, and increasing appreciation for the natural world." Pie slices represent climate and planetary sciences, aquatic biodiversity, terrestrial biodiversity, public health, and social justice/diversity.

Visit the GNSI Redbubble Merchandise Website to order the items below: https://www.redbubble.com/people/GNSI/shop 

NOTE: Once on the initial GNSI RedBubble shop homepage, three random products appear, each featuring one version of our 2021 design. To find more of our merchandise, click on one of those three products. Then scroll down to where it says “also available on” and click the link to “view all.” 

GNSI Conference Merchandise