of 52nd Anniversary Annual Conference until 2021
(dates to be determined)

To help you calculate costs for the 2020 conference and assist with funding proposals, these are our estimates of prices.

**Please note that these are still subject to minor changes**

Core Full Registration (member): $435 
Core Full Registration (non-member): $510                                                         

Early Bird: Core Full Registrants (both members and non-members) will receive a $50 discount off the price above if registration is received by the early deadline [TBA]

Core Single Day (member): $180/day + evening event
Core Single Day (non-member): $200/day + evening event
Guest (evening events): $55/evening event only


Residence Hall (single occupancy rooms): $52/person/night
Campus Hotel (double occupancy rooms): approximately $135/room/night

Dining Hall

Daily rate (breakfast, lunch, dinner): approximately $28/person


On Campus: $8/day (to be confirmed)

Registration Form

Check back in March 2020 for link to form.

Call for Volunteers

Check back in March 2020 for updates. 

Registration Policy

Check back in March 2020 for updates.

Guest Policy

Check back in March 2020 for updates.